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English learners are the fastest-growing student population. By 2025, one in four K-12 students will be an English learner. Meet their needs with the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, or SIOP® Model. SIOP® is the only empirically validated model of sheltered instruction. It includes 8 major components and 30 features for teaching grade-level content while developing students’ English language skills. Developed by the author team of Dr. Jana Echevarría, Dr. MaryEllen Vogt, and Dr. Deborah Short, the SIOP® Model helps teachers develop students’ academic language skills.

What characterizes a SIOP classroom is the systematic, consistent, and concurrent focus on teaching both content concepts and academic language - at the same time.

“People often say, ‘Well, the SIOP® is just good teaching, so I can use it for all my students.’ And that is true. We have many schools that use the SIOP® Model for all students. But there are features that are absolutely critical for English learners. It’s the only empirically validated model of instruction for English learners.”

Dr. Jana Echevarría
Co-author, The SIOP® Model 


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