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Miller & Levine Biology Wins Top Honors in 2009 Association of Educational Publishers Awards


Scarlet Macaw Cover Story

As part of our commitment to the world around us, Pearson will donate a portion of proceeds from Miller & Levine Biology to organizations committed to protecting the habitat of the beautiful but endangered Scarlet Macaw.

  • Biology
  • Biological information of the Scarlet Macaw
  • 2008 Awardees
  • The Nature Conservancy and The EcoLogic Development Fund

play video Joe Levine on the Macaw Cover Image
Joe Levine discusses how they came to choose a Scarlet Macaw as the cover image for the new Program

play video Ken Miller on the Macaw cover
Ken Miller discusses why they chose the Scarlet Macaw for the cover image of the new Biology Program


Third Annual Miller-Levine Tropical Biology Scholarships Winners Announced

Information about the Tropical Biology Scholarship

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About the Tropical Biology Scholarship