Pearson System of Courses


Meet the all-new, tablet based system

K-12 English language arts (ELA)

K-11 Mathematics

Talking & text are required

More exploring, Less boring.

Create Idea Makers, Not test takers.

Get it together, don't piece it together.


Reimagine Teaching: Technology in the Classroom

Welcome to an all-new, all-amazing integrated system. The Pearson System of Courses is designed as a single coherent ecosystem of teaching and learning. It leverages technology in the classroom to deliver everything teachers and school leaders need to support student learning, classroom management, assessment, and professional development.

The Pearson System of Courses creates a dynamic new learning environment. It helps teachers ensure that students achieve new college and career readiness standards in math and literacy. It defies convention. It changes everything.


Create a digital learning culture of sharing and discovery

Pearson System of Courses Overview Video

As you watch the video, see students...

  • Sit in pods to promote collaboration.
  • Use devices rather than textbooks.
  • Use conversation guides to frame discussion.
  • Interact with teachers individually and in small groups.

10 Fast Facts

  1. Teacher-Friendly: Develop routines that embody academic behaviors and differentiation—all supported by professional development modules, model videos, and teacher network communities.
  2. Fully Digital: Swipe and go! The all-digital, all-new system is created for tablets and mobile devices students use every day.
  3. Learner-Driven: Encourage students to make their own choices. Students work both inside and outside the App to find and apply information in their own creative ways.
  4. Instructional Routines: Teach how students learn with daily routines such as Partner Share, Think Aloud, Work Time, and Apply the Learning. These habit-forming activities help teachers spend less time on classroom management and more time teaching.
  5. New Standards. New Ways.: Start with the goal using the first coherent curriculum built backwards from Grade 12 to Kindergarten. Rigorous standards connect objectives and outcomes both within a grade level and deliberately as you progress through grade levels. (Math K-11 and ELA K-12)
  6. Complete System: Support active student learning, classroom management, assessment, and teacher professional development.
  7. Data-Smart: Support learners and enable teachers to respond with real-time, instant feedback via an online portfolio of student work and independent journals.
  8. Media-Rich: Engage and deepen learning with social media, animations, simulations, games, and interactive tools that help students gain access to the world.
  9. Easy to Personalize: Update, localize, and personalize! Make it your own so lessons remain compelling and engaging. The classroom becomes a culture of inclusion that promotes individual perspectives and fosters independent learning choices.
  10. Collaborative Workshop: Students interact as they would in the real world. They design projects, negotiate processes, present and critique information, and communicate beyond the classroom. Professional development helps teachers shift the class to this new level of engaged learning.

Program Facts

Grants and Funding
  • SSAE Grant
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