Purchasing Options

Purchasing Options for MathXL® for School  

MathXL® for School can be purchased in Registration Packets of 25 and 100 "redemptions."  One redemption is for one student for 12 months beginning at the time of registration.  (Example: A packet of 100 redemptions can be used for 100 students for 1 year or for 20 students for 5 years.)  The cost is $15 per redemption and can ONLY be purchased at this discounted price in Registration Packets of 25 ($375) or 100 ($1,500).  Single-user access can be purchased for $20.

Access codes and redemption packets are available in two ways: printed access cards/booklets or digitally-delivered via email. Please see Program Components to order printed access cards, or visit k12oasis.pearson.com to order codes for digital delivery.