Preparing Students for Next-Generation Assessments

Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics Common Core ©2014 features a rich array of assessment tools that monitor student progress towards mastery of the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.


Common Core Test Preparation

This online resource includes 30 weeks of Common Core Standards Practice similar in format and question type to next-generation assessments, plus many other resources that help to prepare students for rigorous new assessments.

Pearson’s Exclusive Online Assessment Service

This service provides formative assessment that closely resembles the academic rigor and technology embedded within upcoming next-generation assessments.

Pull It All Together Performance Tasks

Each chapter of Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics Common Core ©2014 features a real-world performance task like those students will encounter on next-generation assessments. As students solve complex, real-world, multi-step problems, they develop.

Success Tracker™ Online Assessment

Compiled achievement data from auto-graded tests and quizzes appears in three different reports, making it easier for teachers to analyze student whole class/individual student performance and track mastery of the Common Core State Standards.