Resources to Reach All Students

The unique, built-in resources of Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics Common Core ©2014 engage ALL students, helping to develop conceptual understanding, foster mathematical reasoning, and refine problem-solving strategies. The program makes personalized learning available to all learners—ELL, struggling, on-level, and advanced.

  • ELL


Reaching ELL Students

A wide-range of resources promotes language development and comprehension of mathematical concepts for English language learners. Additional resources are also available for Spanish-speaking students.

Additional Vocabulary Support Worksheets

Available for every lesson, these worksheets help students develop and reinforce mathematical vocabulary and key concepts.

English/Spanish Glossary

Online with audio; allows ELL students to review math vocabulary in their first language.

Homework Video Tutors

Available in English and Spanish in the online student resources

Multilingual Handbook

Has English, Cambodian, Cantonese, Haitian, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Filipino, and Mandarin represented as glossaries.



Reaching Below-Level Students

Pearson offers a wealth of resources to help your struggling students. Here are just a few examples:

Intensive Intervention

The Success Tracker™ online assessment system provides instant analysis of student performance, diagnoses students’ success, and prescribes automatic remediation. Check out our digital courseware to view the assessment and reporting options Success Tracker provides.

Reteaching worksheets

Reteaching worksheets help to revisit concepts students need additional time to learn.

Think About a Plan worksheets

These worksheets help students to develop critical thinking skills and provide the support needed to develop mathematical problem solving skills.



Reaching On-Level Students

Pearson’s unparalleled collection of technology tools offers a unique, mobile classroom students can take with them for homework and beyond.

Here are just a few examples of resources for your On-Level Students:

Your students have anytime, anywhere access to interactive and unlimited online homework help. Problems automatically regenerate with new numbers, so students can get as much practice as they need.

Digital Math Tools

Interactive virtual manipulatives provide an inquiry-based, hands-on learning experience for all your students.

QR Codes/Virtual Nerd Tutorial Videos

Students simply scan a QR code in their worktext and are taken directly to a review of that day’s lesson—a great way to engage your digital natives.

Interactive Mobile eText

Available online and on both iPad® and Android™ tablets, with features like highlighting, notetaking, bookmarking, and an interactive glossary—a perfect way to maintain student focus and interest!



Reaching Advanced-Level Students

Pearson understands that advanced students need to be challenged. That’s why we provide resources especially designed to engage even your most advanced learners.

Here are just a few resources for your most advanced math students:

Activities, Games, and Puzzles:

Engage your highest-level students with challenging games and puzzles that require extending and applying their mathematical knowledge.

Enrichment Activities

Go beyond the textbook with enrichment activities that encourage your highest-level students to go beyond grade-level mastery.

Teaching with TI Technology

Help your students dig deeper with inquiry-based learning using Texas Instruments technology.