Features and Benefits

Students read every day.

Struggling students typically don’t read enough to make positive strides in reading. In QReads, students read an informational passage three times to improve fluency and comprehension. Struggling readers also tend to lack critical vocabulary and background knowledge. QReads systematically builds both skills, as students become fluent readers.


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Step One

Students read a QReads passage to themselves, either aloud or silently, at their own pace. They build on their prior knowledge and work on remembering the main idea of the passage.


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Step Two

Students then hear the same passage modeled by a fluent reader. Listening to someone read helps students understand how a passage should sound.


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Step Three

Students read as much of the passage as they can in one minute. This allows for assessment of fluency and comprehension.


Grade Appropriate—Topically Related

Each week includes four related readings to build content knowledge on a single topic. Cross-curricular readings follow topics from the national and Common Core State Standards in that content area.

Grade Appropriate—Topically Related

QReads levels match students to text.

QReads levels match students to text.

Placement tools in the Teacher’s Guide help you ensure every student learns at the right level.