Features and Benefits

Changes to this edition keep the text up-to-date

  • UPDATED! The new edition has been completely updated, revised, and tested for Visual Studio 2015.
  • NEW! Coverage of debugging includes a new section on using the Visual Studio debugger to locate logic errors. The section includes a hands-on tutorial that demonstrates how to set a breakpoint and single-step through an application’s code. A new section has also been added to Chapter 6, demonstrating how to use the debugger to step into, step over, and step out of methods.
  • NEW! New sections in Chapter 9:
    • Demonstrate how code on one form can access a control that exists on a different form.
    • Explore auto-properties—properties that simply set and get a value, and can be declared without explicitly declaring backing fields, and without writing the code that sets and gets the property’s value.
    • Discuss read-only auto-properties, which can be used to read the properties’ value, but not set the value.


Pedagogical features help students master the material

  • Hands-on tutorials in each chapter guide students through the development of an application. Each tutorial provides detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as the application’s completed code and screen captures of the completed forms.
  • Checkpoints are questions provided in each chapter for self-testing.
  • Notes appear throughout the text, providing short explanations of relevant, interesting, and misunderstood points.
  • Tips advise students on the best techniques for approaching different programming or animation problems.
  • Warnings caution students about techniques, practices, and features that can lead to malfunctioning programs or lost data.
  • Example programs in each chapter provide an abundant number of code examples designed to highlight topics.
  • Programming Problems in each chapter are designed to solidify students’ knowledge of the topics being studied.
  • Review Questions and Exercises in each chapter present a thorough and diverse set of questions for review.
  • VideoNotes provide a series of online videos developed specifically for the text and available online.