"As technologies change, what it means to be literate has to change."

Dr. Ernest Morrell
President, NCTE
Pearson Common Core Literature Author


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Designed to Meet the Rigors of Common Core

Gradual Release Instructional Model

Prepare students for college and professional texts with a flexible, gradual release instructional model.

Close Reading Strategies and Routines

Students develop the systematic and analytical habits for good readers—habits called for by the Common Core.

Writing and Assessment

Students build a solid foundation for writing success while integrated assessments ensure they're developing deep understanding.


Introduction to Pearson Common Core Literature

"The ultimate goal is that our students will become strong, independent readers."

Kelly Gallagher
High School Teacher
Pearson Author

Pearson Common Core Literature is an exciting new literature program with a unique Instructional Model that supports the critical shifts in literacy. The gradual-release-model emphasizes building knowledge through content-rich non fiction, reading and writing activities that are grounded in evidence, and providing texts that are appropriately complex and focus on academic vocabulary.

Instructional Model

The heart of the gradual-release Instructional Model is a focus on Text Sets. These Text Sets consist of an Anchor Text with Related readings of multiple genres, centered on a compelling topic. The goal is for students to form a coherent position on the topic by performing research, holding discussions, and writing an argumentative analysis.

Close Reading. Personalized Learning

Additionally, an instructional focus is paid to developing students' close reading abilities to prepare them for the rigorous tasks they will encounter an upcoming assessments. Powerful instructional tools are designed to personalize learning for every student, allowing teachers to customize instruction and differentiate resources


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