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Save time searching for quality, standards-based, teaching resources.

Tired of searching the web and clicking through millions of results? The Online Learning Exchange (OLE) is here to help! OLE is a supplemental web- and mobile-ready destination featuring curated K-12 content from Pearson, our partners, and the best of the web. Our content, your content, and the best of the web, all in one place – welcome to OLE.


What is the Online Learning Exchange?

We’re here to bring better teaching and learning into the 21st century with a supplemental K-12 learning environment of rich digital media, leveled by grade, grouped by topic, and aligned to state standards. With best-in-class content from Pearson and our trusted partners, carefully selected Open Educational Resources from the web, and teachers’ own resources all in one place, educators can build customized lessons, assign homework, and inspire online class discussions – that’s how we use the best of technology to enliven the classroom for teachers and students! Explore, connect, and learn something new today.

  • Save time searching for standards-based, common core aligned, materials
  • Access quality, safe, content from Pearson, our partners, and the best of the web
  • Create and customize your own digital lessons and tests
  • Upload your own content to keep everything in one place
  • Collaborate with students and teachers
  • Use OLE with any mobile device

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How can OLE help me?

For Principals

  • Help teachers save time searching for quality educational materials
  • Save money with a low­-cost digital supplemental solution that will enhance your current curriculum
  • Give your teachers the flexibility to mix their own teaching materials with our standards­-based content to create engaging custom lessons and tests
  • Provide teachers with valuable collaboration tools to maximize authentic learning in the classroom
  • Enjoy a program that’s both web­ and mobile­-ready

For Teachers

  • Find high-­quality teaching resources from Pearson and our partners, including Gooru, NASA, Getty Images, and more! Visit our partner page
  • Upload your own files: documents, audio, video, images, and more
  • Build engaging, interactive lessons and tests
  • Present in front of the class or let students work individually
  • Create a virtual classroom for your students with discussion boards and assignments
  • Connect with colleagues across the country to swap strategies for more authentic teaching and learning

For Students

  • Read and complete your assignments virtually
  • Upload files to submit to your teacher
  • Use our search engine to find trusted information and resources for research projects Chat with your classmates and your teacher on class discussion boards
  • Chat with your classmates and teacher on class discussion boards
  • Access your textbook electronically with eTexts
  • Explore new interests and learn more outside the classroom

OLE is Mobile-Ready

Whether there’s a 1:1 iPad program in your school or you’re using your own mobile device to review assignments and create lessons while you’re on the go, the OLE platform is ready for action. You can view our first­-rate content, including interactive eTexts, from just about anywhere now that we’re mobile­-ready. Looks like the only thing stopping you is your battery life!


What Subjects are Available?

View sample content from each of our course libraries:


Ready to Purchase?

The Online Learning Exchange will give you and your students 24/7 access to Pearson's best-in-class, standards-aligned, digital resources including community created resources by educators like you.

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