Investigations 3 Common Core


Investigations 3rd Edition will maintain its standard of excellence as a focused, coherent program that embodies the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and fully aligns to the Content Standards.

The guiding principles from the 2nd Edition are maintained in the new release. In summary:

  1. Students have mathematical ideas and given the opportunity to learn in an environment that focuses on making sense of mathematics, students build on the ideas they already have and learn about new mathematics they have never encountered. 
  2. Teachers are engaged in ongoing learning about mathematics content, pedagogy, and student learning.
  3. Teachers collaborate with the students and use the curriculum to maintain a clear, focused, and coherent agenda for mathematics teaching.

Investigations 3rd Edition ensures that the instructional approach works in a wide variety of classrooms. It maintains availability for classrooms that use print materials and provides access to digital enhancements for both teachers and students in classrooms with full or periodic access to those technologies.


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