Dear California Science Teachers

Spring 2013 marks the end of the previous Science materials adoption cycle. As users of Pearson Science for California you will need to order new workbooks and curricular supplements for the 2013 school year and beyond for currently adopted programs. Knowing that California will be an early adopter of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and won’t be holding an updated call for materials until after that has been accomplished, Pearson has developed low-cost supplemental solutions for California teachers and students. Our goal is to fulfill the current need for workbooks, but also provide curricular extensions that supplement and digitize your current science classrooms in ways that meet both the Common Core English Language Arts expectations, but also prepare for the NGSS at the same time. 

To help you save some money and get what you need, we’ve organized the core California Science workbooks into classroom sets and have added supplemental options to move to the common core and more:

  • Buy for one year – take 20% off.
  • Buy for three years – take 40% off.

Workbook Classroom Bundles

As users of Pearson Science for California already you’ll need to order new workbooks beginning Spring 2013. We’ve have organized the core workbooks into classroom sets (Grades K-2 = 28; Grades 3-6 = 32) for grades K-6, as well as individual purchase options for grades 6-8 priced for 1yr or 3yr.


Language is central to learning and Pearson’s Language Central for Science is a Common Core solution that helps English language learners and struggling students develop the academic vocabulary necessary to master science. Coupled with the classroom science workbooks, Language Central for Science will reinforce core instruction in the science classroom with a write-in student text that will help build and track science language development. Start today by downloading the free app on iTunes!

As the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards approaches, Pearson’s Project STEM for grades K–8 provides research-based materials that make it easy for teachers to integrate STEM seamlessly into existing curricula and instruction. Each module illustrates how the four STEM area areas are connected through hands-on labs, projects, and background materials. Along with the workbooks, these write-in student texts will integrate seamlessly with your currently adopted Pearson Science for California materials to bring project-based instruction options into your classroom.

Today’s students are digital learners, and the Online Learning Exchange™, powered by Pearson, offers an environment where high-quality content works with tools that enable you to exchange ideas, collaborate, and improve your teaching and your students’ learning experience—all in one place. Go beyond the student text and workbook with audio, video, interactive media, pictures, animations, assessments, and much more to supplement your 21st Century science curriculum.


Premium Bundle

Effective instruction starts with providing different teaching and learning options based on student needs. The combination of Pearson Science for California workbooks, with the write in texts for Language Central and Project STEM, coupled with thousands of interactive online media options and the collaboration tools built into Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange ™ ensures that all students have the multiple pathways to learning they need to excel and demonstrate proficiency on the Common Core ELA and NGSS.

Below you will find options and incentive pricing based on class set and per student configurations.

Enhance your science instruction with interactive media, project-based STEM activities, common core reading and writing instruction, and the classroom worksheets you need to make science amazing.


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