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Why Pearson

Unmatched Expertise

Our close association with the key authors and architects of the NGSS means that the spirit and pedagogical approach of the initiative is embedded in all we do.

Through long-standing relationships with Interactive Science contributors and authors, such as Dr. Michael Wysession, who is involved in developing and reviewing the Next Generation Science Standards; the current NSTA President, Dr. Karen Ostlund; and NSTA Director, Zipporah Miller, Pearson is at the forefront of the NGSS movement and is dedicated to creating and delivering curricular solutions for the Next Generation Science Standards until their final release in late 2012.

The planning and development of Pearson’s Interactive Science was informed by the same foundational research as the NGSS Framework. Specifically, our development teams used Project 2061, the National Science Education Standards (1996) developed by the National Research Council, as well as the Science Anchors Project 2009 developed by the National Science Teachers Association to inform the development of this program. As a result, students make connections throughout the program to concepts that cross disciplines, practice science and engineering skills, and build on their foundational knowledge of key science ideas.

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