Activate your Classroom with Interactive Whiteboard Solutions!

Scott Foresman's Interactive Presentation Software allows teachers to teach science lessons in a digital fashion, link directly to exciting science videos and other multimedia, and assess student comprehension all in one place using:

  • Digital whiteboard
  • LCD projector
  • Television

With one click links to animated songs, active art, and remediation games, teachers can make their science instruction fun and visually engaging.

Interactive Presentation Software (IPS) is a powerful tool that allows students of all ability types to interact with the content you are teaching. By providing response options for before, during, and after reading, IPS puts students at the center of learning, allows them to demonstrate what they have learned, what they know, and to share activity results with the class.

To use the files below, simply download the .zip file for the grade level you are teaching, and then install the Activstudio software (mac or pc), and you're done! All of the media and content are embedded in each flipchart so just connect to your whiteboard, or your LCD projector and activate your science classroom.

Download Grade Level Samples:

Grade K


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6

Download Activstudio Software: