An Introductory Exploration of the History of the World

The World’s History encourages readers to explore the history of the world and the significance of this unique study. The past is not simply a list of events, rather the records of historic interpretations of those events. Because interpretations differ from historian to historian, the study of history becomes a pool of various narrations told from different perspectives. The World’s History celebrates these differentiating values offering students a rich, comprehensive, and challenging introduction study of world history and the methods and key interpretations of its historians.

This title links chronology, themes, and geography in eight units, or parts of study. The parts move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging students to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development. Students will gain an appreciation of the national and cultural origins of all their diverse fellow citizens.

MyHistoryLab is an integral part of the Spodek program. Key learning applications include, the World History Video Series, MyHistoryLibrary, and the all new Writing Space.


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