Features and Benefits

A compelling story of agency, survival, struggle, and triumph over adversity

The African-American Odyssey presents a clear overview of black history within a broad social, cultural, and political framework, instilling in students an appreciation of the central place of African Americans in American history. Authors Darlene Clark Hine, William Hine, and Stanley Harrold trace the long and turbulent journey of African Americans, the rich culture they have nurtured throughout their history, and the quest for freedom through which they have sought to counter oppression and racism. Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest scholarship, the Seventh
Edition covers key events during Barack Obama’s second Presidential term, as well as the emergence of the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

The many special features and pedagogical tools integrated within The African-American Odyssey are designed to make the text accessible to students. They include a variety of tools to reinforce the narrative and help students grasp key issues. 

Part-opening timelines thematically organize events in African-American history and provide a reference to the many noteworthy individuals discussed in the chapters. 

Chronologies are included throughout the chapters to provide students with a snapshot of the temporal relationship among significant events. 

Voices boxes provide students with first-person perspectives on key events in African-American history. Brief introductions and study questions help students analyze these primary source documents and relate them to the text. 

Profile boxes provide biographical sketches that highlight the contributions and personalities of both prominent individuals and ordinary people, illuminating common experiences among African Americans at various times and places. 

Connecting the Past essays examine important milestones of the African-American experience over time: evolution of the black church, the emergence of black autobiography, black
migration, desegregation of the military, and black culture. 

Marginal glossary terms throughout the chapter guide the student to key terms for review

MyLab™ History
A fully integrated learning program, MyHistoryLab for The African-American Odyssey helps students better prepare for class, quizzes, and exams—resulting in more dynamic experiences
in the classroom and improved performance in the course. The immersive Pearson eText—with videos and interactive activities just a click away—engages students in their study of history, and fosters learning within and beyond the classroom.

Instructor’s Manual
The Instructor’s Manual contains detailed chapter overviews, including resources, and discussion questions.

Test Bank
The Test Bank contains multiple-choice, true-false, and essay test questions.

PowerPoint Presentations
Strong PowerPoint presentations make lectures more engaging for students. The PowerPoints contain chapter outlines and full-color images of maps and art.

MyTest Test Bank
Available at www.pearsonmytest.com, MyTest is a powerful assessment generation program that helps instructors easily create and print quizzes and exams. Questions and tests can be
authored online, allowing the instructors ultimate flexibility and the ability to efficiently manage assessments anytime, anywhere! Instructors can easily access existing questions and edit, create, and store using simple drag-and-drop and Word-like controls.

Study Plan Tests
These allow students to check their understanding of the material before and after reading a chapter. Comprehensive chapter tests help students prepare for class exams.

Pearson eText with Audio

Contained within MyHistoryLab, the Pearson eText enables students to access their textbook online—through laptops, iPads, and tablets. Download the free Pearson eText app to use on tablets. Students may also listen to their text with the Audio eText.

The new MyHistoryLibrary contains hundreds of the most commonly assigned primary source documents, complete with headnotes and focus questions. You can also listen to audio versions of all the documents.

Created exclusively for this textbook, these videos focus on a wide range of events, explaining and illuminating the African-American experience.

Charting the Past
New interactive maps create in-depth opportunities for students to explore the relationship between geography, demography, and history.

Writing Space
Better writers make great learners—who perform better in their courses. To help students develop and assess concept mastery and critical thinking through writing, we created
the Writing Space in MyHistoryLab. It’s a single place to create, track, and grade writing assignments, provide writing resources, and exchange meaningful, personalized feedback
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