Campbell Programs for AP Biology

      • What’s the difference between BIOLOGY and Biology in Focus?
        While both books are appropriate for the AP Biology course, BIOLOGY is a longer textbook that provides more detail, particularly in the Biological Diversity, Plant and Animal units.
      • How does Focus (or BIOLOGY) map to the new AP curriculum?
        In 2011, the College Board, in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, undertook a revision of the AP Biology program to ensure an appropriate breadth of content that will allow teachers and students to focus on developing and practicing the scientific inquiry and reasoning skills so crucial to future careers in science. The Campbell author team followed the College Board’s recommendations to produce the new, shorter textbook - BIOLOGY IN FOCUS, AP Edition. This 905 page textbook provides students with a more focused exploration of biology. Specifically:
        • Biological diversity, in Unit 4 The evolutionary History of Life, is presented as a story, focused on landmark events and key adaptations.
        • Scientific Skills Exercise in every chapter help students master the Framework’s Science Practices.
        • A more focused exploration of Plants (Unit 5) and Animals (Unit 6) applies a comparative approach to a limited set of examples to bring out the fundamental principles and conserved mechanisms. However, both books - BIOLOGY and Biology in Focus - are approved by the College Board as appropriate textbooks for AP Biology.
      • Are the Campbell textbooks correlated to the AP Framework?
        Yes, there are brief correlations in the frontmatter of each textbook and you can find more detailed correlations online. You can also use the Campbell AP Biology Index to search by Science practice, Essential Knowledge, Learning Objective, or Illustrative example and retrieve specific references in Campbell and on MasteringBiology to match your search. Although this interactive index is keyed to the 9th edition of BIOLOGY, the references are still helpful.
      • Is there an ebook version of Campbell?
        Yes. Both BIOLOGY and Biology in Focus are available as eTexts. The eText can be viewed on PCs, Macs, and tablets (including iPad and Android via the Pearson eText App and valid MasteringBiology access). The eText allows students to write notes, highlight text, bookmark pages, zoom, search, and link to media and activities. Teacher and student access to the eText is available through MasteringBiology, which is provided with the purchase of Campbell textbook.
      • Where can I find the ISBNs for the various Campbell products?
        The Pearson website’s product pages are the best place to find International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), prices, and ordering information. Here are the main catalog pages for: Campbell BIOLOGY 10e, Campbell BIOLOGY in FOCUS 1e, Campbell BIOLOGY in Focus 2e
      • Where are the Reading Guides to accompany BIOLOGY?
        There are worksheet-style Active Reading Guides to accompany BIOLOGY. The ISBN for the Reading Guides can be found on the catalog page for the textbook (select “program components”). Here is the catalog page for the Active Reading Guide to accompany Campbell 10e. The answers to the Active Reading Guides are in the Instructor Resource area, as shown here:
      • How do I make best use of the Reading Guides?
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      • Is LabBench still available?
        Yes, you can still access LabBench here (and within MasteringBiology) and while it still provides useful online preparation for AP labs, it does not correspond to all of the new labs in the Framework.
      • How do the Campbell books map to the MCAT exam?
        There is an online MCAT correlation map for BIOLOGY, 10e and BIOLOGY in FOCUS.

Test Preparation

      • Can I use the Holtzclaw Test Prep book with all AP Campbell Biology textbooks?
        Yes, the AP Test Prep workbook, by Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw, works well with both BIOLOGY and BIOLOGY in FOCUS. Within the workbook, the concept heading numbers are given for each book. This trustworthy test preparation book was revised in light of the new Framework and the new AP Biology exam. You can read a summary of changes made to align this book with the new Framework and AP Biology exam.
      • How do other high school teachers use the Test Prep book?
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      • The AP exam is more conceptual and less fact-oriented. Students need to be able to apply scientific skills to answer a broad range of questions on the AP exam, how can this Test Prep book be used to help students practice the skills needed for the exam
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      • Where are the AP style practice exam questions?
        There are 100, higher-order application/analysis-type, AP Exam-style questions specially created to accompany the Campbell texts by a team of expert AP instructors. Here is a sample question from this collection: You can find these questions in the ExamView electronic testbank that comes with your school’s adoption of a Campbell textbook and in MasteringBiology. To find the questions on ExamView, travel to the relevant chapter (not all chapters have these questions), scroll down to the end and find a section labelled “AP Exam Practice”. The questions are in that section. The questions are also on MasteringBiology, located at the end of the list of questions for the relevant chapter in the category called “General Chapter Content”.
      • How can I insure that my students reading the Campbell text and Mastering are doing activities that will prepare them for the AP Exam?
        • Use the specially prepared Test Prep book (by the Holtzclaws)
        • Consult the online correlations guides
        • If you use MasteringBiology, you can set the “Display By” pull-down menu in the Item Library to display the activities and resources by AP Framework learning outcome (see MasteringBiology section for more information).

MasteringBiology for AP Programs

      • What is Mastering and is it worth it for me to use with my AP students?
        MasteringBiology is an online assessment and homework system available gratis with your school’s adoption of a Campbell textbook. Mastering provides an extensive library of assignments (tutorials, videos, scientific skills exercises, data analysis tutorials, reading quiz questions), organized by chapter of your book, which can be assigned and automatically graded. Self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching with specific hints and feedback on the most difficult topics in the course.
      • How do other high school teachers use Mastering with their students?
        In this video, Valerie May (Woodstock Academy) explains her approach to using Mastering with her AP Bio students.
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      • How do I know which activities in Mastering are correlated to the AP curriculum?
        In Mastering’s Item Library, select “Learning Objective” in the Display-By pull down menu.

        Once you’ve selected to Display By Learning Objectives, you can select a particular LO and see only those Mastering Items that correlate to the selected LO:

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      • How were the Mastering Items correlated to the AP Framework?
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      • How do I make assignments and can I add my own items or exercises to Mastering?
        Yes, you can create your own assignments within Mastering or link to other online activities, videos, or resources. In this video, Valerie May (Woodstock Academy) explains how she makes her assignments:
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      • I heard there are Statistics worksheets for AP Bio students available, where can I find those?
        Yes, there are. There are five worksheets in all:

        * Mathematical Modeling practice
        * Graphing practice
        * Standard deviation and standard error
        * χ2 Test Practice
        * T-test Practice

        These are available as free downloads within Mastering. The Instructor’s material (with answers) are in the Instructor’s Resource area and the worksheets (for students) are in the Study Area.
      • How do I get MasteringBiology Access and Registration?
        (The following is for Pearson’s multi-year access that is provided with the purchase of the AP Edition textbook programs)
        Preview Access
        Teachers can request preview access online by visiting www.PearsonSchool.com/Access_Request. Select Science, choose Initial Access, and complete the form under Option 2. Preview Access information will be sent to the teacher via e-mail.
        Adoption Access
        • With the purchase of a textbook program that offers a media resource, a Pearson Adoption Access Card, with student and teacher codes and a complete Access Instructor’s Manual, will be delivered with your textbook purchase. ISBN 978-0-13-354087-1
        • Ask your sales representative for an Adoption Access Code Card/Instructor Manual package ISBN:978-0-13-354087-1
        • Visit PearsonSchool.com/Access_Request, select Science, choose initial Access, and complete the form under Option 3—MyLab/Mastering Class Adoption Access. Teacher and Student access information will be sent to the teacher via e-mail.
      • How do I register my access codes?
        Teacher and student instructions are provided in the Access Instructor’s Manual, within the Pearson Access email, or visit PearsonSchool.com/access and follow the on-screen instructions.
        Note: You will receive an onscreen confirmation upon completion of registration. Choose the link that reads MasteringBiology (not Modified/New Design) to begin creating your online course.
      • I have registered my teacher access as directed and now at the MasteringBiology.com site when prompted to choose my text, there are multiple listing for each title, how do I know which to select?
        The Pearson Access codes that were provided with the purchase of Campbell Biology 10e AP Edition and Campbell Biology In Focus AP Edition will allow you to activate the AP Edition programs in Mastering. Choose and load one of the following (which ever you are currently using):

        * Reece et al, Campbell Biology AP Edition (High School) 10e
        * Urry et al, Campbell Biology In Focus AP Edition (High School) 1e
        * Urry et al, Campbell Biology In Focus AP Edition (High School) 2e

        Please note that it is important to choose the AP edition of your book in order to have access to special AP-specific content (like statistical worksheets, correlations to the Framework, and AP Exam-style test questions).
      • Do I need to renew my Mastering access after the first year?
        In May of each year, registered teachers can visit PearsonSchool.com/access_request and select Renewal Access (Year 2–6). Follow the on-screen instructions to receive your renewal student access codes INSTANTLY.
      • What if I am a new or replacement teacher to the course?
        How do I get access? Simply follow the “Adopters” instructions under “How do I receive my registration code” to register yourself as the contact for the duration of the multi-year access.
      • Where do I find the instructor resources for my program?
        Once you have created your course in MasteringBiology, you will find a tab that reads Instructor Resources (pictured here). Here you will find a wealth of items to help you with your course.
      • I would like a general overview of Mastering, where can I find that? 
        Pearson hosts live overview Mastering sessions. You can find a list of the dates and times online at PearsonSchool.com/Advanced. Select Mastering from the left navigation bar and following the training links to register for a session. There is also an overview of Mastering in the front matter of your textbook.
      • I am looking more detailed information/tutorials on using Mastering in my course.
        Once you have created your course in MasteringBiology, there is a Learn More section on your home page in the lower right corner (pictured here). Here you will find a wealth of helpful information, best practices, and videos.

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