Features and Benefits

Reach every student by pairing this text with Mastering Chemistry 

Mastering™ is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools developed to engage students and emulate the office-hour experience, Mastering personalizes learning and improves results for each student. The fully integrated and complete media package allows instructors to engage students before they come to class, hold them accountable for learning during class, and then confirm that learning after class. Learn more about Mastering Chemistry.

Build students’ problem-solving skills 

  • Marginal notes, end-of-chapter problems, and an expanded media program deepen the connection between key math skills and why they are so important to success in the course. 
  • New - Pedagogical features in worked examples throughout the text help students build stronger problem solving skills, setting them up for success in this and future courses. 
    • Updated - Connect feature added to Analyze the Problem boxes specify information that relates the Given and Need sections to help students identify and connect the components within a word problem and set up a solution strategy. 
    • New - Practice Problems appear in the margin, showing students which practice problems align with the content and sample problems throughout the text. 
    • Challenge Questions at the end of each chapter provide complex questions which promote critical thinking, group work, and cooperative learning environments. 
  • New - Expanded Study Check questions within each sample problem help students review problem-solving strategies and their comprehension of the material.

Engage students with a more Applied Focus 

  • Updated - Engage questions reflect research on the way students learn and retain information  and are designed to help students associate new content with knowledge available in long term memory. Students succeed when continually quizzed on new material, which practices the retrieval of new information. Self quizzes appear in the margin. 
  • Updated - Chemistry Links to Health and Chemistry Links to the Environment appearthroughout the text and relate chemistry concepts to real-life topics in health, the environment, and medicine that interest students. Topics include weight loss and weight gain, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, antacids, gout and kidney stones, sweeteners, and essential amino acids. Follow-up questions also appear throughout the text.

Increase student understanding with the updated art program 

  • Updated - Art program presentschemical art that is now more understandable than ever before by incorporating sound pedagogical principles and the best learning design principles from educational research on the way today’s students learn and retain knowledge.  In-art captions replace long legends, and the flow and size of the art is updated to improve student understanding. 
  • Macro-to-micro art illustrations enable students to make connections between recognizable objects and their atomic-level representations, helping them to visualize chemistry in everyday life.  

Reach every student with Mastering 

Teach your course your way: Your course is unique. So whether you’d like to build your own auto-graded assignments, foster student engagement during class, or give students anytime, anywhere access, Mastering gives you the flexibility to easily create your course to fit your needs.

  • With Learning Catalytics, you’ll hear from every student when it matters most. You pose a variety of questions that help students recall ideas, apply concepts, and develop critical-thinking skills. Your students respond using their own smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  You can monitor responses with real-time analytics and find out what your students do – and don’t –understand. Then, you can adjust your teaching accordingly, and even facilitate peer-to-peer learning, helping students stay motivated and engaged. 
  • Dynamic Study Modules use the latest developments in cognitive science to help students study course topics by adapting to their performance in real time. As a result, students build the confidence they need to deepen their understanding, participate meaningfully, and perform better – in and out of class. Available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Empower each learner: Each student learns at a different pace. Personalized learning, including adaptive tools and wrong-answer feedback, pinpoints the precise areas where each student needs practice and gives all students the support they need – when and where they need it – to be successful.

  • The Chemistry Primer helps students remediate their chemistry math skills and prepare for their first college chemistry course. 
    • Pre-built Assignments get students up to speed at the beginning of the course. 
    • Math is covered in the context of chemistry, basic chemical literacy, balancing chemical equations, mole theory, and stoichiometry. 
    • Scaled to students’ needs, remediation is only suggested to students that perform poorly on initial assessment. 
    • Remediation includes tutorials, wrong-answer specific feedback, video instruction, and stepwise scaffolding to build students’ abilities. 
  • New - Pearson eText is a simple-to-use, mobile-optimized, personalized reading experience available within Mastering. It allows students to easily highlight, take notes, and review key vocabulary all in one place–even when offline. Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media engage students and give them access to the help they need, when they need it. 

Deliver trusted content: We partner with highly respected authors to develop interactive content and course-specific resources that keep students on track and engaged.

  • Updated - Interactive Videos give students an opportunity to reinforce what they just learned by showing how chemistry works in real life and introducing a bit of humor into chemical problem solving and demonstrations. Each video corresponds to a key concept/topic in most chapters and include pause and predict functionality.  Topics include Using Conversion Factors, Mass Calculations for Reactions, Concentration of Solutions, Balancing Nuclear Equations, and Chemical v. Physical Change. Sample Calculations walk students through the most challenging chemistry problems and provide a fresh perspective on how to approach individual problems and plan solutions. 
    • Key Math Skills and Core Chemistry Skills Tutorials provide assignable practice problems related to the in-text feature boxes, ensuring that students master the basic quantitative and science skills they need to succeed in the course.
    • New and Updated - Enhanced end-of-chapter questions with answer-specific feedback use data gathered from all of the students using the program to offer wrong-answer feedback that is specific to each student, where and when they need it. Rather than simply providing feedback of the "right/wrong/try again" variety, Mastering guides students towards the correct final answer without giving the answer away. 

Improve student results: When you teach with Mastering, student performance often improves. That’s why instructors have chosen Mastering for over 15 years, touching the lives of over 20 million students. Learn more in this efficacy report.