The Literature Collection delivers a fully integrated, 100% digital, and truly comprehensive approach to AP instruction. The eText includes over 700 of the greatest selections and the same trusted pedagogy and warm, human perspective that renowned authors Gioia and Kennedy are known for.

Combining the best practices of print and web design, the eTexts works seamlessly with the rich multimedia resources in MyLiteratureLab. Media icons in the eText link students directly to performances, contextual videos, interactive student papers, and author biographies to offer a rich visual experience and a wealth of ways for students to approach literary theory, think critically, and master literary analysis and response.

A basic skills diagnostics sets a personalized plan for each student in grammar and research writing, plus students have access to 27 self-grading quizzes on Key Terms, and 357 open-ended question sets that can be sent directly to your gradebook.

The composing space integrates dynamic resources for literature, writing, grammar, and research within an easy-to-use writing environment.

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