Core skills grades 11–12

The Master Reader/Writer offers a balanced approach to literacy for college and career readiness core skills remediation or enrichment at a grade 11–12 reading and writing level. The program reinforces the writing, reading, and thinking processes by showing students visually how they are interconnected. Students have ample practice to focus on individual skills and apply their learning through challenging writing activities. Each module within the text features a Workshop as a capstone academic reading and writing assignment that offers one to three readings related to the module’s overall theme. 

The reading and writing instruction:

  • Emphasizes process with highly visual pedagogy
  • Applies writing activities to everyday life, college life, and working life
  • Fosters critical thinking and metacognition
  • Guides students through each phase of the reading/writing strategy.

Click here for the Grade 9-10 title in the series The Effective/Reader Writer