Kim Flachmann teaches at the California State University, Bakersfield, where she also administers the Composition Program—from remedial English through the Graduate Teaching Assistants. She was chosen Outstanding Professor at CSUB in 1998-99. She also was Rhetorician of the Year for the Young Rhetoricians’ Conference in 2007 and was the recipient of the California Association of Teachers of English Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009. She has published numerous articles on rhetoric and American literature and has written seven textbooks—among them a college reader (The Prose Reader (Pearson) in its eleventh edition), a series of three books for developmental English called Mosaics: Reading and Writing Sentences, Mosaics: Reading and Writing Paragraphs, and Mosaics: Reading and Writing Essays, (Pearson), and Nexus: A Rhetorical Reader for Writers (Pearson), which combines traditional rhetorical modes with students’ interest in technology.

Kim has dedicated her career to helping students achieve their goals in life through communication.  Her mission has always been to teach others how to write well, which she believes is one of the most important gifts we can give our students.  She believes that reading and writing are the gateways to each student’s full potential and success in life.