Features and Benefits

· An Introductory Chapter on College Writing.

· Academic Writing Examples.

·  Student Writing Examples

·  Engaging and Various Writing Prompts.

·  Abundant and Varied Grammar Exercises

·  Reading Selections.  The end-of-book readings section provides lengthier selections from several disciplines on topics such as workplace dress codes and food safety. The readings section continues the text’s emphasis on academic writing and reading by pairing a textbook passage with an essay or article on the same topic. Prereading and postreading activities help students understand, analyze, and respond to the readings:

    - "Understand the Reading" includes comprehension questions and a vocabulary-building activity in which students use words from the passage in their own sentences.

    - "React to to the Reading" is a reader response activity in which students link the reading to something they have read, heard, or seen, to their own lives, and to the real world.

    - "Connecting the Readings" asks students to compare, contrast, and/or synthesize elements of two readings on the same topic and organizational pattern.