Features and Benefits

A diagnostic, personalized and adaptive path for every student.


  • Four modules for targeted instruction


    • Fundamental (grades 4-6)
    • Basic (grades 6-9)
    • Intermediate (grades 9-12)
    • Advanced (grades 10-12 )


  • Anytime, anywhere remediation
  • Real-time assessment data to inform and adjust instruction 
  • A wealth of multimodal instruction, practice and assessment
  • Mastery-based format for combined reading skill, reading level, and writing success


NEW! Adaptive Learning powered by Knewton

The Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform™ customizes standardized educational content to meet the unique needs of each student. Knewton analyzes learning materials based on thousands of data points—including concepts, structure, difficulty level, media format—and uses sophisticated algorithms to piece together the perfect bundle of content for each student, constantly.


What makes Knewton unique?

Knewton offers the best recommendations to each student to maximize his or her learning:

  • Knewton collects a vast amount of data on how students learn.
  • Unlike other systems, the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform is continuously adaptive, not based on a limited pre-programmed decision tree.
  • The adaptive learning is progressive, getting more accurate as students move through a course and to subsequent courses.
  • With Pearson, the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform guides students through the high-quality  content you’ve come to rely on to help them succeed.


How does Knewton work with MySkillsLab?

  • As a student works on assigned homework, quizzes, and tests, or in the Learning Path, Knewton evaluates the student’s results and recommends a topic for study.
  • Students can view their progress to see all they have accomplished with the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform as their guide.


Progress Monitoring Features:


Reporting tools in MySkillsLab allows educators to easily indentify and appropriately intervene with targeted support for struggling students.  Teachers can pin point deficiencies at a granular level based on individual performance on the diagnostic and on each subsequent activity or assessment.



The initial diagnostic provides feedback to each user through the personalized study plan – directing students to the module or skill level that is most appropriate for them.  Each activity is scored and tracked in a comprehensive grade book.  Once students complete activities in a particular topic to mastery they complete a post-test before moving on to the next topic or skill set. 

Both the learning path and the grade book instantly populate with the students performance with data including number of attempts, current scores, and time on task.