The most cited text in The College Board's AP® statistics sample syllabi.

  • Award-winning author team.
  • Applauded for its readability—your students will read this book!
  • Leads with practical data analysis and graphics, encouraging students to "do statistics" and "think statistically" from the start.
  • New TI-Nspire™ content integrated throughout the text
  • Updated data used in examples and exercises.
  • Hundreds of new exercises and updated data

By leading with practical data analysis and graphics, Stats: Modeling the World, Third Edition, engages students and gets them to do statistics and think statistically from the start. With the authors’ signature Think, Show, Tell problem-solving method, students learn what we can find in data, why we find it interesting and how to report it to others. Teachers praise this text as clear and accessible, while students report that they actually enjoy reading the book while learning how to do statistics. Additional examples with updated data make this new edition even easier to read and use.


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