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We’d like to begin with two simple words, “Thank you.” You help kids get excited about reading and writing! You’re the inspiration, the coach, the skilled guide, helping young people find their voices, use their talents, and see themselves as readers and writers. Yes, you carry a lot of the load, but you’re not alone. This web site is dedicated to you. We hope you will bookmark it, and return often for:

  • teaching videos and tips from literacy experts, authors, and teachers
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“Students’ comprehension grows when we provide explicit reading strategy instruction that includes describing the strategy, modeling it in action, and inviting students to engage in collaborative and guided practice, and finally independent use.”
Judy Wallis, ED.D.


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Reading Workshop Practices

A Guide for Elementary Literacy Strategies and Implementation

Reading Workshop Practice


Florida ELA B.E.S.T Standards

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Florida ELA B.E.S.T Standards

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March 03, 2020 Cultural Relevance and Engagement in the Secondary English Classroom With Ernest Morrell
Join author and professor Ernest Morrell as he shares best and research-based practices in creating cultural relevance and engagement in secondary English classrooms. Ernest has an extensive resume of experience on the topic and will share not only his knowledge, but his passion for the subject. Come learn, explore new ideas, and share your own classroom experiences with Ernest as he discusses how to make your classroom inclusive for all.
February 27, 2020 The Three-Text Classroom - Dr. Judy Wallis, Educational Leader and myView Literacy Author
Join us as Dr. Judy Wallis explores effective reading workshop instruction divided into three sections: whole group instruction, small group instruction and independent practice and application. Tips and strategies will be provided regarding effective implementation the gradual release model during reading workshop.
February 09, 2019 FCTE - Florida Council Teachers of English
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