Discover the power of the Mastering system.

Introducing Mastering—the next-generation, one-source learning and assessment system for a wide range of AP, Honors, and Electives Science programs.

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Mastering Overview


For the Student

Personalized coaching and feedback
In-depth, self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching, hints, and feedback customized to address each student’s misconceptions.

Meeting students where and when they learn
Meaningful, memorable learning experiences in an environment ubiquitous to today’s students. Online and available anytime—in class, at home, and on the go.

Bringing science to life
Enhance students’ learning experience through the amazing media of Mastering—from 3-D video animations and virtual lab environments to MP3 downloads and interactive, customizable eTexts and more.


For the Teacher

Build assignments and tests in minutes
Choose from pre-built problems from the extensive book-specific Item Library or create your own.

Make grading papers a thing of the past
Every assignment and test is automatically graded. No more late nights grading papers.

Everything you need in one place
No need to log into another site or hunt down a hard copy. Every instructor resource—including PowerPoint 3 slides, test banks, images, and instructor manuals—can be found quickly and easily in Mastering.

Demonstrate learning and assessment outcomes 
With a single click, generate charts that summarize the most difficult problems, individual student performance, and grade distribution.


Pearson is proud to offer Mastering-specific Web sites for a large number of its AP, Honors, & Electives subjects. Each Mastering site features many the titles/editions so visit each site (see below) or speak to your Pearson sales representative for details.