Writing Coach for Arkansas

Writing Coach for Arkansas

Features and Benefits

Students will never have to "power down" when teachers deliver writing and grammar instruction with Prentice Hall Writing Coach Online.

Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a groundbreaking, interactive, writing and grammar program that helps middle and high school students grow into independent writers. Prentice Hall Writing Coach:

  • Was built exclusively for teachers and students
  • Is organized for ease of use with targeted and effective strategies just right for today's students
  • Provides personalized coaching for every student through a digital writing "coach" that gives individualized feedback on paragraphs and essays
  • Allows teachers to customize instruction and save time

Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a great companion for any English/Language Arts class. Learn more about this exciting writing and grammar program by clicking on the links on the right side of this page.

Prentice Hall Writing Coach…Coaching every student to be a winning writer!

Prentice Hall Writing Coach - Lets Go Digital


Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a digitally driven grammar and writing program that improves students’ skills in Grades 6–12.

Good writing skills are important for students to succeed. Between writing sections on standardized tests and communicating digitally through e-mail and other electronic media, the ability to write clearly, concisely, and intelligently can carry students a long way in college and in life.

What else is Writing Coach?



It’s Personalized

Writing Coach gives your students personalized, detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their writing. It is the only program that uses a paragraph scorer as well as an essay scorer so that your struggling students who aren’t ready to write larger pieces can receive the same productive feedback as the rest of the class.

It’s Flexible

Writing Coach only has a few components that work together as a comprehensive writing program or a seamless complement to any literature anthologies, novels, or other language arts program you might be using.

It’s Manageable

The best way for your students to become better writers is to spend more time writing. The problem is, the more time they spend writing, the more time you need to spend grading and assessing. Writing Coach does the time-consuming work for you by grading all of your students’ writing examples and providing personalized feedback. This lets you spend more time teaching and a whole lot less time grading.

It’s Engaging

Writing Coach provides targeted writing feedback in an online format that works for your digital natives. Plus, your students will receive extensive experience communicating in today’s digital world with skills instruction in writing e-mails and blogs, evaluating material on the Internet, and developing multimedia presentations.

It’s Comprehensive

Writing Coach is more than just a writing program. It’s a complete language arts program that provides personalized grammar instruction as well. Writing Coach uses your students’ writing examples to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in their grammar and supports them with grammar instruction and remediation.