Writing Coach for Arkansas

Writing Coach
Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a groundbreaking, interactive, writing and grammar program that helps middle and high school students grow into independent writers. Prentice Hall Writing Coach:
  • Was built exclusively for teachers and students
  • Is organized for ease of use with targeted and effective strategies just right for today's students
  • Provides personalized coaching for every student through a digital writing "coach" that gives individualized feedback on paragraphs and essays
  • Allows teachers to customize instruction and save time

Building Better, Stronger Writers

Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a digitally driven grammar and writing program for grades 6–12. The program combines a printed Student Edition with robust digital components that provide detailed instruction and assessment for your students at all ability levels.


Make the Connection

Prentice Hall Writing Coach works seamlessly with Prentice Hall Literature ©2010. It’s organized around the same themes and uses the same Big Questions as Prentice Hall Literature to help you keep your literature lessons and writing instruction on track.


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