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Pearson supports Arkansas’ transition to the Common Core State Standards with Literacy programs that offer clear pathways to college- and career-readiness and lifelong appreciation of Language and Literature.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1:  We still have to teach our AR Standards between now and the upcoming Common Core assessments in 2014. How will I know what changes have been made to the standards that we have now? What do I need to add or tweak or omit from what I am already doing? Answer
  • Q2:  I keep hearing about how the Common Core assessments will emphasize performance tasks. How can I prepare my students for this different form of assessment? Answer
  • Q3:  Where can I find more information and support regarding the Common Core State Standards? Answer
  • Q4:  I’d really like to incorporate more digital elements into my teaching. What do you have that would support my teaching that way? Answer
  • Q5:  I have students with diverse ability levels in my classroom. How can I be sure I’m making literature accessible to all of them? Answer

Answer 1

Prentice Hall Literature includes a Arkansas Common Core Overview and Implementation Guide. To help you make the transition from the AR Standards to the Common Core. This teacher resource includes:

  1. An annotated walkthrough of the Common Core State Standards
  2. A crosswalk correlation of the AR Standards to the Common Core State Standards and Prentice Hall Literature, Common Core Edition
  3. Standardizes Test Practice for the SPIs
  4. Common Core Lesson Planning Suggestions

If you have Questions about this resource, or would like to request samples, please contact your sales representative.

Answer 2

Prentice Hall Literature includes Performance Task practice throughout the student book. We also include Performance Task practice in the Common Core Companion Workbook, which is available for grades 6-12.

Answer 3

Pearson is committed to supporting you as you make the transition from your Arkansas Standards to the Common Core. We’ve set up a website – – to provide you with information, news, and support. Please visit the site and let us know what you think!

Answer 4

Prentice Hall Literature offers the richest online digital path available. Features include:

  • Automatic or Teacher-controlled online leveling options
  • Students can read, take notes, answer questions and more, all online
  • Online Video and Audio, including Author Background, Vocabulary, Reading Skills, and Selection Summaries in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole
  • Online Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Activities
  • Contact us for access codes so that you can explore PHLitOnline on your own!

Answer 5

Prentice Hall offers Differentiated Instruction options to suit you and all of your students. Within your classroom, you can assign selections of different text complexity levels, covering the same reading and/or literary analysis skills and strategies. All students read and learn at their own levels. Outside the text, Reader’s Notebooks are available in four levels (On-level, Adapted, English Learner, and Spanish). All students read the same stories in the format that best supports their abilities, so that they are appropriately challenged. SuccessTracket, our online assessment and remediation tool, allows you to offer student assessments online and have them graded instantly, so students receive immediate feedback on their performance. Then, SuccessTracker prescribes individual remediation for each student.