Teaching Support

Biology contains new and exciting topics that we learn more about everyday. Ken Miller and Joe Levine provide you teaching strategies to present these topics with web resources and presentations for use in your classroom.

Teaching Materials from Miller & Levine

Ken and Joe provide you with their own powerpoint and video presentations.

From Ken:

From Joe:


Teaching Controversy

Ken and Joe provide tips on how to handle the coverage of hot-button topics in your classroom.

play video Joe Levine on Teaching a Controversial Subject
Joe Levine discusses how the new Biology program addresses controversial subject matter while encouraging students to form their own opinions

play video Ken Miller on Teaching with Controversy
Ken Miller discusses teaching biology and the controversy that is inherent


Author-recommended Links

Visit some of ken and Joe's favorite biology sites.


  • DNA on NOVA Web resource for NOVA's 2003 program on the role of Rosalind Franklin in discovering the double helix structure of DNA.
  • Becoming Human Internet home of an educational project headed by Donald Johansen (the discoverer of the Lucy fossils in east Africa), this web site contains science news and teaching tools on human evolution.
  • Intelligent Design Special article from the Hughes Foundation on the "intelligent design" movement and its attempt to displace evolution in schools and textbooks.
  • Science Friday Airing every Friday on NPR, this show highlights new developments in science, and frequently focuses on science controversies. An on-demand audio archive makes it possible to listen to any program in the series at a time of your convenience.
  • UC Berkeley A wonderful teaching resource, specially designed for teachers, at the museum of the University of California at Berkeley. Contains lesson plans, teaching ideas, and resources for your classroom lab.
  • Evolution on PBS The site for PBS's seven episode series on Evolution. The programs first aired in 2001, but the web site remains a permanent resource for students and teachers.
  • Stem Cells on NOVA Web home of an excellent NOVA program on the biology of stem cells. A great scientific resource that can be used as background informa