Key Elements

  1. Standards-based lessons
    • Deliver lessons aligned with nationally benchmarked science standards: the NAEP 2009 Science Framework, the ACT College Readiness Standards™, the National Science Education Standards developed by the National Research Council, and key state standards
  2. Guided-inquiry approach
    • Promote scientific inquiry and a shared responsibility for learning
    • Use the 5E Instructional Model developed by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS)
  3. Content and skills-acquisition lessons
    • Use Content Investigation lessons to help students become increasingly independent as they learn how to conduct investigations
    • Develop three reasoning skills with Skills lessons: the interpretation of data; scientific investigation; and the evaluation of models, inferences, and experimental results
    • Deliver Content and Reading Comprehension lessons to improve students’ reading-comprehension skills and to help students acquire background knowledge that they will apply in later lessons
  4. Program-embedded assessments
    • Use program-embedded assessments to create a systematic feedback loop and ensure that instruction and learning are aligned