Formal Assessment Options

Both in-text and teacher led options allow for students to demonstrate what they have learned in the text, and throughout the program. While you review the program, be sure to take a look at these formal assessment items:

End of Chapter Assessments – In the Student Edition, a Quick Study Guide, American Issues Connector, Chapter Assessment, and Document-Based Assessment options provide multiple ways for students to show what they have learned.


Test Prep with Document-Based Assessment– This booklet helps high school students prepare for standardized assessments. Document-based questions (DBQs) encourage students to analyze primary sources and demonstrate understanding in written essays.


Examview Test Bank CD-ROM - Print pre-made tests or create your own from a computerized test bank that corresponds to Pearson’s United States History program. Easy to use, Examview gives teachers the ability to add and modify questions, update standards, and include audio and video assets to assessments!


AYP Monitoring Assessments - Provide a clear path to satisfactory yearly progress through screening tests, diagnostic tests, benchmark tests, and an outcome test.