Student resources include:

Video and Audio: Video introductions for every case study, video interviews withdozens of historians and eyewitnesses, historical video footage, and full audio support for the narrative.

Interactivities: Digital games, hands-on projects, and document-based activities using hundreds of primary sources, maps, charts, and images.

Resource Tools: Online timelines, glossary, biographies, and formative and summative assessment through constructed response and multiple-choice questions.

Student Community: Students learn by interacting with other classrooms across the nation.

Current Events: Frequently updated current events directly linked to each case study.

Teaching resources include:

Teacher Roadmaps: Lesson plans divided into “Interstate Activities," main activities for all students, and “Side Trips,”enrichment activities that allow students to dig deeper into a topic.

Teacher Notes: Presentation materials, assessment rubrics, and answer keys.

Learning Management System: Interactive formative and summative assessment, data reporting,and intervention.

Professional Development: Opportunities provided by Pearson and Colonial Williamsburg.

Current Events Activities: Every case study includes an activity linked to current events,making history relevant to the students’lives.

“The Virtual Republic”: Teachers can register their classes online to interact with other classrooms around the country, allowing students to debate and share ideas on challenging issues facing the nation.


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