Elective Courses

American Wars from Washington to Lincoln

Enhance your teaching of the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the Civil War. 

  • The Great Debate
  • Wars for Empire
  • The Revolutionary War
  • The Civil War on the Battlefield
  • The Civil War and the Nation

War in the American Century

Spark your students’ interest in the military engagements of the United States from the Spanish American War, the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • The Great Debate
  • The Spanish American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • The Cold War Begins
  • The Vietnam War
  • Reagan and the End of the Cold War
  • Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Going to War

Urban Studies

Interactive maps of changing boundaries, first-hand accounts of immigrant experiences, and videos showing the post-war suburban boom bring the growth of our nation to life.

  • The Great Debate
  • Jefferson's America
  • The Industrial Revolution in America
  • Immigration and Nativism
  • Strangers in the Land
  • Becoming a World Power
  • The Rise of Organized Labor
  • Growing Cities and Consumer Culture
  • Progressive Era
  • The Land of Opportunity
  • Suburbia

The African American Experience

Enrich the study of the African American history from Jamestown, through the slavery experience, to the ongoing struggles for civil rights.

  • The Great Debate
  • A Confluence of Culture
  • African Americans in the Time of Slavery
  • Reconstruction
  • The Age of Jim Crow
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Civil Rights at a Crossroads
  • Free and Equal

Religion from the Pilgrims to the Second Great Awakening

Help students understand the role of religion from the early colonies and our founding American ideals to the reform movements of the mid-1800s.

  • The Great Debate
  • Religion and the English Colonies
  • The British Colonies
  • Revolutionary Ideas
  • Religion and Reform

Our Experiment in Self-Government

From Thomas Jefferson to Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, enrich your teaching of the principles of our nation by hearing from the founders and living history makers. 

  • The Great Debate
  • Religion and the English Colonies
  • Revolutionary Ideas
  • From Confederation to Constitution
  • The New Republic
  • The Supreme Court
  • Jacksonian America
  • Party Politics
  • The Changing Presidency