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How do I access my Pearson online course?

Magruder's American Government ©2011 is delivered via this technology platform.

Standalone eText

Now you can experience Pearson eTexts on the go with the dynamic features of Windows devices, iPads, and Android tablets. Easy sign-in allows multiple students to share a single device or a single student to access the eText on different devices via the Pearson eText for Schools app or via a browser on a PC, Chromebook, or Mac computer. Your Pearson eText is displayed with the highest quality fidelity to the print version of the textbook.
To access your online course, you'll need to know your platform or have your login details. If you've misplaced this information, please consult your school administrator or technology coordinator.

Where do I find product training, user guides, and program information?


Pearson offers free training for most of our programs. Simply follow the link below. Registration is quick and free!

Standalone eText on myPearsonTraining

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