Seeing is Believing

Visual Anatomy & Physiology breaks out of the text-heavy approach often characterized by other A&P textbooks. This new program combines a visual approach with a modular organization to deliver an easy-to-use and time-efficient book that uniquely meets the needs of today’s students—without sacrificing the coverage of A&P topics required.


Visual Approach

Illustrations are the central teaching and learning element, with the text built around them—creating true art/text integration.


Modular Organization

Topics presented in two-page spreads, enabling students to study each module during the limited time they have in their busy schedule.


Frequent Student Practice

Three predictable places in each chapter for students to stop and check their progress as they read. 


The Best in Online Learning

You know the challenge of helping students grasp a new idea that’s just beyond reach. Pearson’s Mastering products—which includes MasteringA&P™—have been designed with the single purpose of helping your students reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results.

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