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Using Human Impacts as Phenomena to Engage Students
Using Human Impacts as Phenomena to Engage Students

The NGSS are all about Phenomenon-Based Learning, but it can be challenging to find good phenomena that can generate the kinds of essential questions that motivate student learning. These questions need to be broad enough to be able to encompass all of the specific parts of the three dimensions (content, practices, and crosscutting concepts) that […]

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May 07, 2019
11:00 AM EST

Reaching All Students in the Spanish Classroom

How can we reach all students in our classrooms – students who come in with different language abilities and with varied learning styles? This session demonstrates practical ways to help all students accomplish our goals. Using authentic resources, including art and music, we will explore ways to differentiate instruction and appeal to many students. We will also consider strategies and best practices we can use to develop interpersonal communication. Come to hear new ideas and see new resources and to share your own best practices!

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