Pearson Digital Learning Programs Support Interventions Under the
Turnaround and Transformation Models for School Improvement

Additional Strategies within
School Improvement Grants
Pearson Digital Learning Programs
Use data to identify and implement an instructional program that is research-based and vertically aligned from one grade to the next as well as aligned with State academic standards. Our programs are built around the recommendations of leading education researchers and organizations and aligned to state and national academic standards.
Promote the continuous use of student data (such as from formative, interim, and summative assessments) to inform and differentiate instruction in order to meet the academic needs of individual students.

Our programs customize learning for every student.

  • Adaptive sequencing guides learners along individualized paths through the Waterford Early Learning and SuccessMaker curricula based on their unique needs as determined by student performance.
  • Self-pacing throughout the courses and an individualized learning trajectory are built into the NovaNET Courseware program experience.
  • Powerful data management and reporting capabilities are a part of each program to support teacher-driven intervention beyond the computer.
Conduct periodic reviews to ensure that the curriculum is being implemented with fidelity, is having the intended impact on student achievement, and is modified if ineffective.

Intuitive learning management systems built into each program and professional support for program evaluations allow you to:

  • Track, analyze and report student performance to ensure the curricula are delivering measurable, sustainable achievement.
  • Execute, evaluate and fine-tune an implementation customized to your school improvement goals with a variety of professional consulting options.
Implement a schoolwide “response-to-intervention” model.

Pearson Digital Learning programs address the multiple tiers of a Response to Intervention model because of their power to:

  • Automatically customize learning to meet the needs of each individual student, from those needing remediation or intervention to those who thrive with a more accelerated pace.
  • Easily track the effectiveness of interventions with on-demand reporting options.
Increase graduation rates through, for example, credit-recovery programs, re-engagement strategies, smaller learning communities, competency-based instruction and performance-based assessments, and acceleration of basic reading and mathematics skills. NoveNET Courseware increases graduation rates by offering credit recovery and providing high school students with a way to complete required coursework on their own time from any location.
Establish early-warning systems to identify students who may be at risk of failing to achieve to high standards or graduate. For middle and high school students, SuccessMaker and NovaNET Courseware offer tracking and reporting options for student achievement enabling timely identification for intervention to keep at-risk students on track and moving forward.