SuccessMaker (for grades K-8)

Product Description:

SuccessMaker® provides students in grades K-8 with a research-based, personalized, 21st century approach toward learning to accommodate students with a wide range of learning needs, including striving readers and students who have difficulty with grade level mathematics concepts. SuccessMaker offers a comprehensive, standards-based, math and reading aligned to the Lexile Framework® curriculum with one-on-one instruction.

The curriculum and assessments are based on proven instructional strategies that provide support for all learners. In addition, the content and instructional design reflect key areas related to 21st century skills and themes, critical thinking skills, and personal productivity and self-direction.

The Learning Management System allows assignment of content by specific state standard or concept and combines up-to-the-minute classroom information with on-demand reports that allow teachers and administrators to quickly assess the progress of each school, classroom, or student and provide intervention if necessary. The visual dashboard displays the aggregated data using a color-coded format, making it easier and faster to make informed instructional decisions.

Benefits for Ohio: