WriteToLearn: An Online Reading & Writing Automated Assessment

WriteToLearn: An Online Reading & Writing Automated Assessment

Features and Benefits

Improve writing, comprehension and scores.
Through online writing evaluation assessment, WriteToLearn offers an easy, flexible and effective tool for improving critical reading comprehension and writing skills for students of all proficiency levels. The program encourages students to spend more time on literacy tasks by providing immediate scores, feedback, and support tools.

Program components include:

  • More than 650 essay prompts for Common Core-required text types (argumentative, informative, and narrative essays)
  • More than 1000 reading passages for summary writing activities
  • Personalized vocabulary exercises that teach academic and domain-specific vocabulary
  • Flexibility for teachers to add personal comments when reviewing student work and to customize scoring parameters

Alignment with the Common Core
WriteToLearn is the only online writing instruction tool developed to reinforce the interplay between reading, writing, and vocabulary—the bedrock of literacy and key elements of the Common Core States Standards (CCSS). By original design, the program includes activities and features that are now emphasized in the CCSS, such as:

  • Practice writing across the curriculum with informational texts from a variety of subject areas, including many reading passages focused in the areas of English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies
  • Development of reading comprehension through summary writing activities
  • Use of increasingly difficult texts since all of WriteToLearn’s reading passages include a Common Core grade band and Pearson’s Reading Maturity Metric score to identify text complexity

For a complete understanding of how WriteToLearn can improve literacy performance specifically around understanding and reasoning about authentic text for CCSS, we invite you to read our CCSS report.

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Multilingual Support Tools
In addition to helping struggling readers and writers, WriteToLearn's built-in language tools assists English learners (EL) and meet the requirements of Title III funding. All instruction and feedback is translated into Spanish and Chinese, and other features include:

  • English learner specific prompts across grade levels and subject areas
  • An EL rubric designed to give feedback on the fundamentals of writing
  • Expanded language supports with audio/visual feedback
    • Text-to-speech with human-like voice
    • Translated instructions and feedback in Spanish and Chinese
    • Spot word translation
    • Embedded picture/text dictionary
    • Highlighting tool to mark main and supporting ideas

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