NovaNET® Courseware: A Digital Learning Curriculum

NovaNET® Courseware: A Digital Learning Curriculum

Features and Benefits

Learning that's one on one, not 101.

NovaNET® Courseware delivers proven, rigorous core high school curriculum designed to help every student achieve objective-base mastery and prepare them for graduation and college. The powerful learning management system also gives you the control to prescribe curricula, customize lessons and tests, monitor student activity and track performance.

NovaNET Courseware delivers:

  • Proven math, science, social studies and language arts courses that aligned to state and national standards.
  • Three unique study models that enable you to assign the plan that is right for your student.
  • Intelligent feedback on tests that moves students forward.
  • Initial assessment with the Basic Achievement Skills Inventory™ (BASI).
  • Customization options for teaching and learning efficiency.
  • Embedded text-to-speech that gives students the control to hear pre-defined text read-aloud by a high-quality digitized human voice, set the playback speed and translate words into Spanish.

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