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Pearson Maximizes the Power of the iPad for Virginia Students

Bringing iPad technology to the ever-changing classroom as part of the Beyond Textbooks Initiative, Pearson creates interactive, self-directed, and fun ways for 21st Century students to master the Virginia Standards of Learning. For this exciting pilot program, we’ve developed apps for these acclaimed Pearson Social Studies programs, customized for Virginia:


Connect > Interactive Learning Games

  • Prepare students to learn through fun games that introduce Virginia Essential Questions.
  • Motivate students with puzzles, word games, and fast-action challenges that engage their natural interest and curiosity.
  • Activate students’ critical-thinking skills as they navigate through primary sources, highly-visual graphics, and sound effects.

Experience > eText on iPad

  • Mobilize students to power up and interact with Social Studies content 24/7!
  • Personalize learning and give students control with features that enable them to highlight text, apply comments, bookmark a page, and zoom in and out.
  • Energize 21st Century students with tools that move beyond printed textbooks with iPad features.

Understand > Test Prep

  • Review essential knowledge through the Quick Study tool.
  • Build students’ vocabulary with dynamic flashcards.
  • Test students’ understanding of Virginia SOLs through multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Provide instant feedback and personalized remediation.
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