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Village Charter School Partnership

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Pearson Digital Learning and Dell are teaming up with the Village Charter School in Trenton, New Jersey, to bring the latest in instructional technology to nearly 400 elementary and middle school students. With desktop computers supplied by Dell and access to the SuccessMaker instructional software program along with ongoing training and implementation support from Pearson, the Village Charter School is opening the door for each student to receive a digitally driven K-8 reading and math learning experience that is singularly focused on meeting his or her individual needs. This partnership project kicked off with the back-to-school season in September. For updates on how this project is progressing and to see how this unique partnership is shaping a whole new educational experience for the students at Village Charter School, check out the links below!



In Their Own Words: Village Charter School Students Share Their Thoughts on SuccessMaker

If you've been following the articles in Tech & Learning magazine, you know that something pretty exciting has been happening at Village Charter School. Now you can hear straight from the students just how big an impact SuccessMaker is having. Listen to them talk (and sing!) about their SuccessMaker experience.



Tech & Learning's "The Long Review" Series

It's hard to get a true sense for how the implementation of an educational software program like SuccessMaker really works when just looking at a glance. Tech & Learning is giving readers a unique, in-depth look at a real-life program implementation as they follow the Village Charter School (VCS) partnership project as it unfolds in this special series.


Installment 7 — Month Nine: The Long Review Wraps Up: The final installment of "The Long Review" has just been released and features a 2-page wrap-up of the whole experience, placing a particular emphasis on the value of Pearson's customer support and the importance of teacher professional development when implementing SuccessMaker. In addition, there is a big emphasis on how an entire school culture needs to change for a program like this to be effective. This series created a terrific year-long profile for SuccessMaker and for the quality of Pearson's sales, support and professional development. While it is, of course, a tribute to a high quality digital learning program, it is an even greater acknowledgment of what makes Pearson a great company -- great committed people!

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Installment 6 — Month Eight: Crunching the Numbers: Justifying Tech Expenses for Next Year's Budget: For Village Charter School, making the initial decision to accept a free test of a curriculum program was easy. What drove the school's decision to continue with the program after the test drive are the results. Many students that began the school year performing a year and a half below their grade level proficiency have caught up almost a whole year. The needle is moving in the right direction!

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Installment 5 — Month Seven: Customer Service: With the honeymoon phase of this year-long series behind us, it’s now time to see what Pearson can really do. In this issue, customer service is the front and center and Pearson far exceeded customer expectations. From technology to curriculum, and everything in between, needs have been anticipated and met before they ever became needs.

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Installment 4 — Month Six: Curriculum and Systems Integration: The Realities of Mixing Technology with Pedagogy: After six months, it's time for a check-up on how SuccessMaker is making teachers’ jobs easier and becoming part of the learning culture at Village Charter School. Read their experiences in the latest installment of the Tech & Learning Long Review project.

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Installment 3 — Month Three: Meet the Students: In Action in the Classroom: Its time to hear from the ultimate reviewers - the kids – as they eagerly use SuccessMaker in their labs. Read just how enthused, intrigued and engaged the students are in the latest installment of the Tech & Learning Long Review project.

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Installment 2 — Month Two: Meet the Teachers: Professional Development for Faculty: Pearson’s professional development consultant is greeted with bright eyes and big smiles as he works with faculty to navigate the many features of SuccessMaker. Tech & Learning chronicles this development day in the second installment of this exciting partnership project.

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Installment 1 — Month One: VCS Gets Started: From the technology and facilities to the scheduling and personnel, Tech & Learning chronicles the first month of this exciting partnership project.

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