Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura® 2 (EDL2) is a Spanish Reading Assessment for dual language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms that helps Spanish-speaking students become independent successful readers with tools to assess reading engagement, fluency, and comprehension. EDL2 is the Spanish equivalent of DRA2+ or the Developmental Reading Assessment, which is a reading assessment designed to help teachers systematically observe, record, and evaluate changes in student reading performance. It features tools to assess reading engagement, fluency, and comprehension, allowing you to identify reading strengths and weaknesses and target instruction to meet individual needs.

Using the EDL2 App makes the reading assessment even simpler and provides immediate results and reporting, to aide in determining a reading plan using the appropriate DRA measure. Educators have the ability to select and use curriculum, resources, and other support materials for instruction that have a proven track record within their educational environment, and will best suit the interests of the student, promoting better engagement.

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DRA2+ App

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