DRA2+ Online Management System

Save time on reporting, gain time for instruction.

This innovative system provides a secure, convenient way for teachers to group students for instruction and to manage each student's DRA™ assessment information. 

Slash time spent on data aggregation and maximize time spent on instruction

Just log in and let DRA2+ Online Management System provide you with a secure environment where you can store and manage your students' assessment results over time. With DRA2+ Online Management System, you can:

  • Create flexible groups instantly
  • Archive DRA2+ records online from any computer with internet access
  • Quickly retrieve student data to share with parents or administrators
  • Provide powerful instruction based on precise information that is available instantly

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DRA2 Online-Yearly fee per classroom (up to 25 students)
DRA2 Online yearly fee per additional student (add on)
DRA2 K-3 kit with 1 year DRA2 Online for up to 25 students
DRA2 4-8 kit with 1 year DRA2 Online for up to 25 students