Joetta Beaver and a group of primary teachers in Upper Arlington School District, OH, are the authors and the driving force behind the nationally acclaimed K-3 program. Because of the DRA K-3 success, Joetta Beaver and Mark Carter, Ph.D. teamed up and expanded the program to include an intermediate grade assessment, DRA 4-8.


Joetta Beaver

With a bachelor of science in elementary education and master's degree in reading from The Ohio State University, Joetta Beaver worked as an elementary teacher (K-5) for 30 years, as well as a K-5 Language Arts/Assessment coordinator and an Early Education teacher-leader. She is the primary author of DRA2 K-3, co-author of DRA2 4-8 and Developing Writer's Assessment (DWA), consultant, and speaker.


Mark Carter, PhD

With assessment the focus of much of his professional work, Mark Carter served as a coordinator of assessment for Upper Arlington Schools (where he currently teachers fifth grade), conducted numerous seminars, and co-authored DRA2 4-8, DWA, and Portfolio Assessment in the Reading Classroom. He received his doctorate of philosophy from The Ohio State University where he also taught graduate courses in education as an adjunct professor.