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Meet the way you teach and the way your students learn with various pathways into the content for all levels and types of learners. Built around the Understanding by Design model, this program uses Essential Questions to stimulate conversation, emphasize source analysis and hands-on learning, and foster critical thinking. America: History of Our Nation helps students achieve an Enduring Understanding of America’s past and why it remains important to us today.


Connecting is all about activating prior knowledge, engaging students, and making learning meaningful and personal for students. Essential Questions introduce new concepts, topics, and ideas, and challenge students to gain a greater understanding of how enduring American history issues are relevant and still affect them today. Check out the links below for examples:

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Experience comes from doing and active learning. With America: History of Our Nation, students have options at each stage of instruction to read about new concepts and content, engage in hands-on activities, and explore history through dynamic, interactive technology that bring the people, sights, and sounds of American history to life.


Developing true understanding means that students don’t simply memorize facts, dates, and places. It means taking what they’ve learned and transferring that knowledge to new content, situations, ideas, and to their own lives. The goal is to help students become successful learners who will remember not only what they have learned, but how to learn more!

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