Textbooks designed to meet your struggling students' needs

AGS Globe from Pearson recognizes that your middle school and high school students bring different learning strengths and needs to your classroom. We offer groups of accessible textbooks that address specific learning styles – while consistently supporting teachers with a wealth of resources.

Two textbook tracks offer thoughtful features and provide the right blend of grade-level content and accessible reading to engage students and encourage them. AGS Globe works with you to make sure your struggling students have the resources they need to learn and grow.

AGS Globe Alternative textbooks help students who are on track toward graduation, but need extra support. Based on national and state standards, and filled with accessible features, they engage students who struggle with reading, language, or a learning disability. Choose them for students who:

  • Read 1-3 grades below level
  • Attend general education classes
  • Need some assistance to stay on track for graduation

AGS Globe: Pacemaker textbooks – when students require more assistance than our Alternative textbooks provide, we offer Foundational textbooks. Filled with adapted content that exposes students to subjects at the middle and high school level, these books are designed to encourage learning with carefully paced lessons and a focus on basic skills. Students benefit from these textbooks when they:

  • Read 3 or more grades below level
  • Divide their time between regular classrooms and shelled environments
  • Need dedicated support to make lessons understandable

Diversify your classroom materials with resources aligned to support your struggling students. Find the right alternative resource.