Teach your students to read strategically

The Reading Skills for Life series helps students learn long-term reading skills. From prereading skills through reading fluency, the series provides exercises, word study skills, and reading strategies, along with high-interest fiction and nonfiction stories. Lesson-extending reinforcement follows each story to support critical skills and encourage new readers.

Students learn phonics and word attack strategies in this focused, comprehensive approach to reading instruction. Reading Skills for Life provides instruction in:

  • Phonemic Awareness, including recognizing phonemes and rimes and developing the ability to segment, blend, isolate, match, and manipulate sounds
  • Systematic and Explicit Instruction in Phonics, with sequential instruction beginning with Level P and reinforced all the way through Level E
  • Phonograms, teaching more than 50 high-utility phonograms and word families High-Frequency Words, sequentially introducing 1,000 commonly used words at the appropriate level of the program
  • Word Recognition Strategies, practicing a five-step strategy for learning new words—hear, see, read, say, and write
  • Structural Analysis, providing instruction in inflected endings, prefixes, suffixes, and certain kinds of structures such as compound words

Six levels accommodate all your students’ needs Level P is designed for nonreaders and beginning readers. This level provides prereading instruction on the alphabet, phonemic awareness, and basic letter-sound correspondences. Levels A through E progress developmentally. New reading skills are introduced and practiced one at a time. As a result, students advance to a grade 6.0 reading level, paving the way for them to enter mainstream course study.

Reading Skills for Life Scope and Sequence Chart

Flexible, comprehensive, and relevant

Each level is independent, so you can enter the series at the level that best meets your students’ needs. Core curriculum areas, including social studies, science, and literature, are seamlessly integrated throughout the program. Students also learn life applications related to careers, home, and community.

Resources for enrichment

Reading Skills for Life encourages students to continue reading outside the classroom. Short, appealing chapter books are available with Levels A and B. Books that closely match the reading levels of the Student Worktexts are suggested for Levels C through E.

Reading Level: Pre-reading - 6

Interest Level: 6-12