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Go farther than you ever imagined. Whatever you want, whatever you need, digital components from Pearson keep your instruction fresh, engaging, and inspiring. With just one click, you can see the difference the right tools can make.
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Student Technology

DVD options - Help today’s students connect to the stories of history, geography, culture, and civics first-hand through high-impact videos. Designed to ensure students make personal and meaningful connections to the content they are studying, every Pearson program contains video options to jump-start or extend lessons.

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Today’s 21st century programs aren’t simply textbooks. They are an integrated system of materials that provide multiple access points for students through reading, hands-on/activity-based learning, and technologies that both reinforce core content, and provide opportunities for enrichment. All Pearson programs provide robust online options for both teachers and students.

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Interactive Simulations

Drive deep comprehension of key issues in Civics and Citizenship through online simulations designed to extend and enrich classroom instruction.

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Agents of Change – a multimedia simulation for students to role play situations and demonstrate understanding of key civic responsibilities.

Interactive Constitution – a multimedia overview designed for students to explore more about the constitution. A lawmaking simulation is available on the CD-ROM version of this product.

Agents of Change


Technology for teachers

Captivate 21st Century Students

Presentation Express Premium

Bring American history to life like never before! Presentation Express offers editable, whiteboard-ready PowerPoint® presentations that include rich images, interactive maps and simulations, and engaging review quizzes. The PresentationEXPRESS™ Premium DVD-ROM also provides exciting features, like Hip Hop History, that help students review key content in a fun, interactive way.

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SuccessTracker™ is an online, formative assessment and remediation management system. Students take online assessments and are provided instant feedback on areas of weakness. Teachers receive test results and get the reporting they need to evaluate students and classes on a state standard performance.

Success Tracker